New House Blues


I so appreciate how thorough you and your Dryer Vent Wizard technicians were when servicing our home. Our house is a year old and I was really curious what you would find after a year of use. I was shocked to learn that the “professionals” that installed our new dryer from a respected appliance store had used a cheap vent duct that tore causing lint to build up on the floor behind our dryer from a leak. It caused a mess, a fire hazard and lowered the efficiency of our new dryer. Your technicians were very patient in explaining everything to me and replaced the dryer duct hose. When looking where the dryer vented out of the house, you also discovered that the bathroom exhaust fan duct in my unfinished basement had an outside hood but the hosing led nowhere. The bathroom has not been installed so it allowed the outside air to flow freely into my basement through a 4-inch hose. No surprise my basement is always cold. Not part of your job but I’m so grateful you told me. Your team was very professional, conscious not to track anything in and cleaned up after themselves. Perfect! I look forward to using Dryer Vent Wizard again.

- Tara and Family