Des Moines,

As an owner of a charming 1951 mid-century modern home, I had noticed recent disappearance of air pressure from the exterior dryer vent exhaust panel.

I am so blessed that Lance and Eric from Dryer Vent Wizard of West Des Moines helped me out the very next day after I called. They arrived, as promised, on time. They not only unclogged the dryer and dryer vent system of dangerous lint accumulation but diagnosed inefficiency in the existing vent system. They completely secured and taped with fire resistant aluminum tape and bolstered the vent line with installation of two new sections of rigid 4 inch aluminum pipe.

What a turnaround from initial trepidation related to not knowing what to expect with respect to cost, unknown quality of work to eventual elation with the work outcome.

Lance and Eric spent 4 hours on this tough job. I am now convinced repair and maintenance of dryer vent lines require SPECIALISTS to asses and mitigate fire risk.

Lance and Eric were professional and actively kept me abreast of job progress. There was “no sticker shock” at the end of the job and I am convinced this difficult job was done correctly.

Des Moines is blessed to have such a professional dryer vent company. Kudos to Lance and Eric/I confer Dryer Vent Wizard my highest recommendation.

- Ernest